The Benbecula House of Care project aims to enhance our current program for reviewing and managing chronic health problems. 

House of care

At the heart of the house is the conversation between a health care professional and you, the patient. The conversion explores your health care concerns, the implications of these, and to set goals that will improve your health. The conversation ends with the creation of a plan to achieve these goals, including timescales and planned review. 

The infrastructure that allows the practice to invite patients in, send out letters is the roof. This includes our databases, referral pathways, sources of information and all sorts of administrative stuff. 

The foundation of the conversation is the social context and support that is available. We know that people who are engaged in work, in activity, that have support and a fulfilling life are more likely to feel well, and have healthier lifestyles. The phrase 'more than medicine' sums up the concept. Examples include horticulture projects, men's shed events, Cothrom, the Tagsa bus, Cuimhne, the athletics and football clubs etcetera. Where possible, we will help patients access these services, and will support the development of new programs. 

The right-hand wall of the house is the preparation, knowledge and skills that the health professional brings to the health care and support planning meeting. This includes the commitment to partnership working, a focus on realistic goals and support. 

The left-hand wall of the house is you, the patient, and the preparation we will enable you to undertake. The idea is that we empower you to get the best out of the consultation to meet your needs and concerns. We will provide you with data about your health before your appointment, and information leaflets to help you make decisions about your health. 

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