We know that it can be hard to get everything sorted out at your GP appointment. We don't want you to go home feeling that your problem has not been understood, that you didn't get the most important issues sorted out, or that you don't know what is happening next. We are undertaking a series of small changes to make it easier. Here are some top tips:

  • Before you see the GP or nurse: Work out what you are most worried about, including how you might describe your symptoms and how long you've had them. 
  • What is most important to you? Make sure you raise the most important issue early on, and tell the GP or nurse if there is anything that you would like to be taken into account. 
  • Plan ahead: If you think you might need to be examined, wear appropriate clothing. Don't worry if you forget, we will always do our best for you. 
  • Make sure you are clear about what happens next: If you are not sure, ask. If you get home with unanswered questions, a follow-up telephone consultation might help. 
  • Have your say: Please give us feedback about how we can improve our services. 

Before your next appointment, why not test out the pre-consultation sheet? You can download it here. 

Before your consultation - sheet

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